domingo, 8 de diciembre de 2013

Jeff Zielinski Photo Archive From The Mid 2000s por Jeff Z. en RideBMX

Triste pero cierto -sucedió, sucede y seguirá ocurriendo: ...WE HAD SEEN A LOT OF GOOD SPOTS ON THAT TRIP THAT THE LOCALS OVERLOOKED...

"While in Mexico City for Red Bull Mean Streets in 2005, we had locals showing us around and while en route to a different spot we passed this crazy looking sculpture surrounded by wedges and everyone freaked out trying to get the driver to turn around. WE HAD SEEN A LOT OF GOOD SPOTS ON THAT TRIP THAT THE LOCALS OVERLOOKED, but we weren’t going to let that one slip by and we finally made it back there a day or two later and Gary Young sessioned it with tricks like this downside-ish peg stall. Corey Martinez had a photo in the article from the July 2005 issue doing a walltap on a different part of the sculpture, so this Gary shot might not have been seen before, but I really don’t remember." -Jeff Z.

Gary Young, downside-ish peg stall en metro Chabacano, D.F.
Foto: Jeff Z. en RideBMX

¿Cuándo fue la última vez que vimos a algún rider local grabando en este spot?  ¿Cuántos videos se han grabado en San POPsme tan solo en este año?

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